Water Refill Stations

We have three different water stations available for investment, partnership and/or advertising opportunities.


Our Premium water refill stations are easy-to-use with customers able to refill their reusable bottles or purchase a go2zone glass or stainless steel bottle on an interactive touch screen. The Premium also have 32 inch screen available for digital advertising for both indoor and outdoor purposes. The water refill station can also be branded with your organisation’s logo. Resuable water bottles are available for purchase with $1 from every bottle sold going back to Healthy Land and Water’s Clean Up program.


A permanent bottle refill unit includes a drinking fountain dispensing free, chilled and clean water along with two water bubblers on each side (height for child and adult). The Classic  features a digital message board (indoor or partial outdoor) making customer interaction with the machine a connected and informative experience.


The Junior  is available for use by consumers in all locations (indoor or outdoor). It can be fixed or portable and services customer needs by providing free, chilled and clean water through its water bottle refill function and two bubblers (height for adult and child). This machine is compact, requires little and easy maintenance with purchase opportunities available.