How can you help?

Help us in our mission to reduce plastic litter and save our waterways.

You can help by:

  •  Saying no to plastic water bottles.
  •  BYO bottle and fill up for free at a go2zone water refill station.
  •  Purchase a glass or stainless steel go2zone bottle.
  •  Enquire about installing a go2zone in your business.

 $1 per bottle sold goes directly to support Healthy Land and Water’s Clean Up Program

How can I get involved?

Our engaging and fun go2zone machines offer a unique advertising platform to promote socially responsible content to a health conscious audience. Commercial content is aligned with environmental and socially responsible positioning.

All advertising adheres to strict moral and ethics standards within the principles of respect for truthfulness, dignity and social responsibility.

Benefits to advertisers:

  •  High quality digital content delivery platforms.
  •  Target access to health conscious consumers.
  •  Brand alignment with socially responsible messages.
  •  Access to locations that are otherwise difficult to access with stand-alone screens and message delivery platforms.